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March 2019


Neetu Kapoor

Pages : 2

Leaves of grass : Journey of Whitman

Nishant Khatri

Pages : 4

Born of the Spiritual Spring Romanticism Influenced the Intellectual Victorian Poets

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Pages : 5

Changing trends in the rental cab sector

Richa Sharma

Pages : 11

The study of saving habits of youth in Badlapur

Sujata Dayare and Rupali Titkare

Pages : 13

A study on effects of Television advertising on youth

Sanjana Salunkhe

Pages : 13

A Review Article on Real Estate ((Regulation and Development) Act, 2016

Vishnu Bhandare

Pages : 11

A Study of usage of debit card by youth

Janvi Dayare

Pages : 7

Rain god is in dilemma

C. L .Khatri

Pages : 3

Ball is round like a globe and other poems

Larissa Ayvazyan

Pages : 4

Murray River Magic

Adrian Rogers

Pages : 3

Dwelling with Denial and other poems

Rajiv Khandelwal  

Pages : 5

That is made by the love and other poems

Adolf P. Shvedchikov

Pages : 4

The earth is not elsewhere and other poems

Ayaz Daryl

Pages : 3

Daily routine and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 5

And yet, all are so helpless

Pramila Khadun

Pages : 2

Hermit's Hibernation and other poems

Scott Thomas Outlar

Pages : 3

To my brave lion and other poems

Shalini Samuel

Pages : 3

A spot of trouble

Tamaso Lonsdale

Pages : 7

A dark tale

Austin D'Souza

Pages : 7

The heart of Rome

Mark Cornell

Pages : 3


Athena Kontjonis

Pages : 3

Empty Roads and broken Words by Prachi Agasti

Sanotosh Alex

Pages : 3

Shimmering Chimes for Maaya Dev

Shamsher Singh

Pages : 9

The Academic Library Administrator’s Field Guide by Bryce Nelson

Vrushali Kulkarni

Pages : 4

Kerala : A photo Feature

Pooja Oak

Pages : 10