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December 2020


Neetu Kapoor

Pages : 1

Disability among Marginals: An Enquiry into the Representation of the Case of Multiple Jeopardy within Indian Intertexts and Contexts

Mamta Dorbi

Pages : 17

Covid-19 converting challenges into Opportunities

Preeti Sah

Pages : 4

Evolution of Storage Media Technology

Shweta Satao

Pages : 8

Thank you, not getting tired and other poems

Adolf P. Shvedchikov

Pages : 5

If one doesn’t thrive and other poems

Ayaz daryl nielsen

Pages : 4

Encounter with a stranger and other poem

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 3

Birds in flight and other poem

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Pages : 3

The visitor and other poems

Shalini Samuel

Pages : 3

This disease is killing me and other poems

Bänoo Zan

Pages : 2

Ism’s Mesmerism and other poems


Pages : 2

Songs from the heart

Mark Cornell

Pages : 7

To conquer coronavirus

Stephen Gill

Pages : 8

The Secret by Aju Mukhopadhyay

Subhadra Mukherjee

Pages : 3

Andaz-e-Bayan-3 by Haqqani Al-Qasmi

Manzar Imam

Pages : 5

Special Interview with the Mr. Shivendra Kapoor, Author of Answers & Beyond

Mr. Shivendra Kapoor

Pages : 5

Challenges and opportunities in COVID 19

Anjali Rajora

Pages : 6

Food and festivals

Mugdha Thosar

Pages : 3