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September 2016


Neetu Kapoor

A study on the importance of financial inclusion for growth and development of women

Kulvinder Kaur Batth and James Jacob

Pages : 6

Merlin, and the Western Magical Tradition

Adrian Rogers

Pages : 20

Prison Voice – the missionary mouth piece of Indian Prison Ministry

Neeta Khandpekar

Pages : 12

Awareness of social advertising - a case study of youth in Badlapur city

H. S. Patange and Savita Punjabi

Pages : 6

The Jinn in Arabian Mythology

Samuel Wesley

Pages : 11

Humour in poetry

Padmaja Iyengar

Pages : 15

Pain has the Lasting Effect in Vinita Agrawal's Poetry

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Pages : 8

A study on the stress level of police personnel with a particular reference to Mumbai

Mohammad Khalil Ahmad

Pages : 13

Boosting tourism in Mumbai costal region: a sustainable strategy

Vinita Pimpale

Pages : 15

Maths logic behind Alice’s adventures in wonderland

Sonal Bhamare

Pages : 6


Guzal Ruzieva

Pages : 3

Faithfullness and other poems

Jumagul Suvonova 

Pages : 3

Fruit and the other poems

Neelam Dadhwal

Pages : 3

Revelation Coronation and other poems

Scott Thomas Outlar

Pages : 3


C L Khatri

Pages : 3

The fervor of ecstasy

Anca Mihaela Bruma

Pages : 2

This summer and other poems

Narinder Bhangu

Pages : 5

On my birthday and other poems

Khosiyat Rustamova

Pages : 2

Not on her own and other poems

Gabor Gyukics 

Pages : 3

Broken horizons and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 4

Enmity and other poems

Shalini Samuel

Pages : 8

Festival and other poems

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Pages : 2

The Creaking Door and other poems

Frank Joussen

Pages : 4

Sadness of an intelligent man

Graham Lancaster 

Pages : 3

One for sorrow, two for joy and other poems

Vinita Agrawal

Pages : 3

The first morning and other poems

Reena Prasad

Pages : 4

Your name

Pramila Khadun

Pages : 2

Derry and other poems

Aine MacAodha

Pages : 4


Deepika Rani

Pages : 1

Botanical Survival and other poems

Bhikshuni Weisbrot

Pages : 2

Fear and other fictions

Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova

Pages : 3

Hello goodbye

Mark Cornell

Pages : 8

Be yourself

Tamaso Lonsdale

Pages : 7

Ascent and Descent and other poems by Elanaaga


Pages : 2

Facing the sea with spring blossoms and other poems

Duane Vorhees

Pages : 3