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March 2014


Savita Punjabi

Pages : 2

A comparative study of job satisfaction of employees in public & private sector banks - with reference to Thane region

Aarti Varma

Pages : 15

An analysis of expenditure on general services of Government of Maharashtra

Ajay Dixit

Pages : 7

A study of service quality standards for customers’ satisfaction

Bharti P. Jethani

Pages : 7

Is aestheticism possible in African art?

Ezeiyoke Peter Nonso

Pages : 11

Venture capital financing & innovative skills of Indian entrepreneurs

Jaya Manglani

Pages : 10

A study on the impact of various schemes initiated for the rural development

Kulvinder Kaur Batth

Pages : 8

Connecting with trees

Neelam Saxena

Pages : 8

Human trafficking - a burning problem in India

Rita Biswas

Pages : 7

Corporate sustainability initiatives reporting with reference to corporate social responsibility: a study of selected companies

Neetu Kapoor

Pages : 19

Use of ICT to enhance quality in information resource centre in higher education

Shaheda Sheikh

Pages : 13

Introduction to ontology

Shrinivas Athalye

Pages : 5

Study on the effects of jingles and music in advertising

Simran Kalyani

Pages : 7

Corporate governance and its compliance by Indian companies

Sudhakar B. Yadav

Pages : 14

Female foeticide and infanticide in India

Vasudev P. Iyer

Pages : 13

Developing leadership qualities in Librarians through soft skills

Vidya V. Hanchinal

Pages : 10

The long essay : Cultural debates : ‘The Literary Prize and the Contemporary Canon: Aesthetic and formal value versus the “scandals” of accessibility’

Nick Turner

Pages : 25

One artist: two perspectives: Rob Harle

Sandra Joran

Pages : 14

Memoirs : Partition memories woes of partition

Kaushalya K. Udassi

Pages : 3

Memoirs : An Exercise We Share

 Mark Cornell

Pages : 7

Reengineering of public libraries : issues and challenges

Kiran Raikar

Pages : 5

Love and other poems

April Mae M. Berza

Pages : 3

A housewife supplicates... and other poems

AtreyaSarma Uppaluri

Pages : 5

A life without Madiba : a poem

Desan Iyer

Pages : 3

Blood in the water : a poem

Graham Vivian Lancaster

Pages : 3

The girl with the needle in her arm and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 3

National treasure marooned : a poem

Ravi Naicker

Pages : 3

Sound and Fury and other poems

Rob Harle

Pages : 6

Pulling the evil boughs of the tree : a poem

 Vivaga Naicker

Pages : 2

Spotlight on the writer : Nathalie Buckland : poems and fiction

Nathalie Buckland

Pages : 6

Women and human rights : Book Review

Tarannum Vahid Attar

Pages : 2

Interview : I don't think tough moral questions, or anything with a religious sense, is fashionable

Sunil Sharma

Pages : 8

India in translation : That silence only and other poems

T. S. Chandra Mouli

Pages : 11

Golden cage and other poems :original in Hindi by  Omprakash Pandey Naman and English Translation by Santosh Alex

Omprakash Pandey Naman & Santosh Alex

Pages : 4