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March 2013

Financial Restructuring In India - A Way To Tackle Global Financial Crisis

Siddhi Roy & Dr. Swati Chaplot

Pages : 7

E-Learning Through Libraries

Vrushali S. Kulkarni

Pages : 9

A Study Of Impact Of Commercialization Of Education In India

Vinod S. Chandwani, Shraddha M.Bhome

Pages : 6

Commercialization Of Higher Education In India

Anju Ailsinghani & Neelam Wadhwani

Pages : 5

Innovations In Classroom Teaching And Effectiveness Of E-Learning.

Shailesh Dattatraya Borkar

Pages : 10

Viability and sustainability of higher education in india : with special reference to self – financing courses : a brief review

Gulshan Miyagamwala

Pages : 9

Innovations in classroom teaching and effectiveness of e-learning

Virendra Prajapati

Pages : 16

Indian Migration: Brain Drain Versus Brain Gain

Vilas Bhau Gaikar

Pages : 11

Role of teacher educator for developing e- environment in classroom

Dr.Renuka K. Shewkani

Pages : 6

Interview Of Tendai Tagarira : Zimbabwean Author, Poet, Blogger, Exile, Dreamer, Activist

Dr. Sunil Sharma

Pages : 4

Jaydeep Sarangi Ushers Green Stories After a Monsoon of Hope : Santanu Halder in Conversation with Jaydeep Sarangi

Santanu Halder

Pages : 10

The Blotted Pawpaw : (A Story Without Verb)

Mutiu Olawuyi

Pages : 6

Beautiful Scenery Of Monsoon

Anne Smile

Pages : 1

Friends (Poem)

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma

Pages : 2

Poems by Santanu Halder

Santanu Halder

Pages : 2