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September 2014

The scholar gipsy

Adrian Rogers

Pages : 1

Impact of social networking sites (SNS) on the youth:a study of Badlapur youth

Gulshan Miyagamwala

Pages : 6

Higher education and global ccompetitiveness: the impact of Foreign Education Institution Bill on higher education

Kulvinder Kaur Batth

Pages : 12

Emerging issues in Global Policing and its impact on Mumbai police work culture

Dr. Anupama Nerurkar

Pages : 19

Women entrepreneurs: its development problem and prospects

Aarti Varma

Pages : 36

CSR: the black & white issue

Sajitha S Kumar

Pages : 42

Recent position of women leaders in Indian economy

Rohini Kasabe

Pages : 53

Status of tourist amenities in Nainital hill station: a study of tourist satisfaction

Deepak Narkhede

Pages : 62

Impact of globalisation on developing countries

Vanita Malik & Leela Bhaskar

Pages : 70

An analysis of plan and non-plan expenditure of Government of Maharashtra

Ajay Dixit

Pages : 96

Dynamics of commerce in the international Business environment: the new era of expectations – marketing through apps

Anju Ailsinghani

Pages : 102

Through Amber’s eyes

Mark Cornell

Pages : 108

What’s in a name?

Adnan Mahmutovic

Pages : 112

Thoughts and other poems

Graham Vivian Lancaster

Pages : 119

Story time: a short story

Graham Vivian Lancaster

Pages : 123

Day at the beach

Graham Vivian Lancaster

Pages : 126

Exclusive deep diving pics

Graham Vivian Lancaster

Pages : 129

Homage to Maa

C. L. Khatri

Pages : 133


Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 138

A poetic picture of Canada’s seasons

Brian Wrixon

Pages : 140

Screams of silence

Deepika Rani

Pages : 148

Among dusty stage-props and other poems

Kinga Fabó

Pages : 150

Long...a metaphor and other poems

Kiriti Sengupta

Pages : 152

Dream sequence and other poems

Patricia Prime

Pages : 155

Fall reverie

Bhikshuni Weisbrot

Pages : 161

Between nothingness and eternity

Sri Chinmoy

Pages : 162

A door somewhere (poems) by Jaydeep Sarangi

Dr Marta Pikor-Niedziałek

Pages : 164

A door somewhere (poems) by Jaydeep Sarangi

Patricia Prime

Pages : 167

Interview of Padmashree Manzoor Ehtesham

V. G. Nand

Pages : 173

Conjugal living and other poems

Masudar Rahman

Pages : 178

How I wrote a bestseller

Kulpreet Yadav

Pages : 181

Beyond the rainbow

Tamaso Lonsdale

Pages : 183