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June 2014


Savita Punjabi

Pages : 2

Spotlight on the writer : Sandra Joran : Mandalas symbols of harmony and peace.

Sandra Joran

Pages : 4

Spotlight on the writer : Mandala power : the mandalas of Sandra Joran

Rob Harle

Pages : 8

E-Marketing : Challenges and opportunities

Amishi Chheda

Pages : 15

Are we really changing

Adrian Rogers

Pages : 5

Impact of social networking sites on Indian youth

Pranali Patil

Pages : 7

Bliss to investors – extended trading hours

Chandani Gerelani

Pages : 6

The role of small scale industries in the development of Raigad district

Wani Murlidhar Namdeo

Pages : 7

Kautilya’s philosophy of financial administration

Dr. K. C. Jha

Pages : 8

Effect of internet on Business

Rashmi Thakur

Pages : 10

Cauchy theorem

Jayshri Patil

Pages : 8

Core banking solutions

Santosh Karmani

Pages : 9

Theme of love, the spirit of self sacrifice and tolerance in women in the work of Shah Latif

Roma Prakash Jaisinghani

Pages : 8

A touch of Madness

 Mark Cornell

Pages : 5

Sonnet on vision and other poems

Harley White

Pages : 4

Reality of romantic love and other poems

Mohammad Muzzammil Shah

Pages : 3

Black widow and other poems

Rukhaya MK

Pages : 3

Athani Lane and other poems

Usha Kishore

Pages : 5

After the water receded and other poems

Stanley A. Galloway 

Pages : 5

Writings and other poems

Cleber Pacheco

Pages : 6

Sister spring and other poems

Gary Robinson 

Pages : 6

Haunting waves and other poems

Dr. Kiriti Sengupta

Pages : 2

Chichen Itza and other poems

Vinita Agrawal

Pages : 4

Love in all seasons and other poems

Priya Mohanraj

Pages : 6

The dead shall rise and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 2

Poet and his world: a long literary interview with Sujan Bhattacharyya

Kiriti Sengupta

Pages : 10