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June 2013

A study on ethical aspects of accounting standards- an exploratory research in MSMEs

Chandra Hariharan Iyer &

Pages : 6

Viability of higher education with special reference to “self-inancing Courses as a model for knowledge society”


Pages : 4

Strategic management of talent management for trade, Commerce and industries in world.

Jayshri Patil & Pranali Patil

Pages : 8

The structural differences between British and American English

Gopi Shamnani

Pages : 7

Poets inspired by mountains during 18th -20th centuries

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma

Pages : 14

Superman, Joan of arc and Jesus: Transgressive or conventional Heroes

Neeta M Khandpekar, D.Litt

Pages : 6

Buried around the altar

Rob Harle

Pages : 2

Black silk

Donn Hayden

Pages : 2

City 5:00am

Rob Harle

Pages : 3


Daniela Voicu

Pages : 4

Far away friend

Iulia Gherghei

Pages : 1

Small rivers of the mind

Jaydeep Sarangi

Pages : 2


Malkeet Kaur

Pages : 3

The silent woman of dawn

Gary Robinson

Pages : 2

An unborn’s talk

Savita Punjabi

Pages : 2

Wind beneath my wings

Ravi Naicker

Pages : 3


Tamaso Lonsdale

Pages : 5

Breathe of love!!!

Bikram Dutta

Pages : 2

Recession hits love

Rajiv Khandelwal

Pages : 4

Book review : solitude and other poems

Dr. Sunil Sharma

Pages : 6

Book review : The evaluation of worldwide digital reference services in libraries

Vrushali Kulkarni

Pages : 4