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December 2012

Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management in health Care sector

Dr. (Mrs) Swati Chaplot, Mrs Siddhi Roy

Price Level in India (1981-82 To 2012-13) Causes And Effectiveness Of Controlling Measures

Krishnan Nandela

Best Practices in Curricular Aspects

Krishnan Nandela

The Murder of Mumbai’s Mills and Marathon of Malls


Concept of E-Governance : An overview

Shrinivas Meghashyam Athalye

Managing Water Scarcity in aTourist City: A Case Study of Shimla

Autade S.E. and Soni P.K

Jaydeep Sarangi’s Journey from Dulong to Beas

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Short Story Shadowey Vibrance

Prof. Angana Dutta

Jaydeep Sarangi Interviews Aju Mukhopadhyay

Jaydeep Sarangi