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March 2018


Ms. Neetu Kapoor

Revolutionary Journalism and Nationalism: A Case Study of Al-Hilal

Dr. Abdul Azim Akhtar

The Poetry of C.L. Khatri: A Critique

Dr. Sudhir Arora

Short Run & Long Run Performance of IPO & FPO – Indian Stock Market

Ms. Bhakti Mulchandani

Role of public relations in crisis

Ms. Shivanjali Talari

Sindhi folk lore and Sindhi folk stories

Ms. Tamana Lalwani

Mahesh Dattani’s Seven Steps Around the Fire: A Critique of (Hetero)Sexism

Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra

Role of Soft Skills for shaping a career

Ms. Vishakha Torne

Last resort and other poems

Simmi Gurwara

The bizarre love and other poems

U Atreya Sarma

As it should be and other poems

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Why and other poems

Adolf P. Shvedchikov

Four seasonal rituals

Adrian Rogers

Sci fi and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Sparking hues and other poems

Scott Thomas Outlar

How can I forget

Pramila Khadun


Shriniwas Acharya

Missing the pujo days

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Ivy Love and other poems

Zoe Kassiotis

Noise of restlessness

Narinder Bhangu

Between Real and Surreal and other poems

Anca Mihaela Bruma

The Inevitable

Shalini Samuel

Tinkering away time

Mark Cornell

Many aspects of Bed

Tamaso Lonsdale

Unfilled pots and other poems by Ravi Veerelli


Faithfully, I Wait: Poems on rain, thunder and lightning at Jhargram and Beyond

Anisha Ghosh

The fragrance of nature and love by Manoj Krishnan

Manzar Imam

Khajuraho: Where stones teaches about 4 'Purusharth'

Dr. Krishna Chandra Jha

My journey from an ordinary girl to a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT!

CA Samma Narang

God’s Masterpiece

CA Samma Narang