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June 2018


Neetu Kapoor

Investigating narrative voices in Biswas’ Ghatotkach and Hidimba: A dialogue

Madhumita Majumdar

Pages : 16

Aju Mukhopadhyay, a Song Bird of Nature


Pages : 8

Nature as Teacher in the Poems of A.K. Choudhary

Raj Kumar Mishra

Pages : 11

The impending danger of cyber crimes in SME

Shivani Mayaker and Prachi Puro

Pages : 16

Performance analysis of the schemes of Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation from 2004 to 2015

Vishnu J. Bhandare

Pages : 22

Medical tourism- a new dimension of tourism sector

Pooja Oak

Pages : 9

Role of Education and Training in 'Make in India'

Mamta Purswani

Pages : 8

Real roses and other poems

Frank Joussen

Pages : 2


ayaz daryl nielsen

Pages : 2

Stranger returns and other poems

Louis Kasatkin

Pages : 4

Earth, water, mystery

Adrian Rogers

Pages : 4

What do you want from me and other poems

Adolf Shvedchikov

Pages : 2

Composers of the wind and other poems

Anca Mihaela Bruma

Pages : 4

Distance across the spectrum and other poems

Scott Thomas Outlar

Pages : 3

My mother and other poems

Bhangu Narinder

Pages : 4

Firebird and other poems

Lara Ayvazyan

Pages : 3


Pramila Khadun

Pages : 2

Simper of a flower and other poems

Shamsher singh

Pages : 4

Give it a whirl

Mark Cornell

Pages : 7

Short stories for children By Shreya Badhwar

Manzar Imam

Pages : 3

Chandrakanta By Devaki Khatri. Translated by Rana Singh and C. L. Khatri

Sudhir Arora

Pages : 4

Julia and the Moonbirds by Mark Cornell

Brian Edwards

Pages : 2